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Facility Usage Form

Bethel Members and non-members are required to fill out the form below.
Bethel members are not charged for use but must identify which facilities they will use. 

Parking Accomodations: 
There is a limited amount of parking at Bethel Monday - Friday. All spaces that are numbered are LEASED SPACES and cannot be used by members or anyone renting/using our facilities. Applicants using our facilities may not be able to use our parking lot depending on other functions being held at the same time.

Saturday Parking - All spaces are available for use on Saturdays unless otherwise discussed.

Completion of the Facility Rental Form will be regarded as acceptance to the rules and pollicies of Bethel UMC.

The mission of applicant must not be in conflict with that of the United Methodist Church.
I understand the program needs of Bethel will have priority over outside groups requesting use of any facility. Proper notice will be given should any agreement for continued use of facility be revised or revoked due to Bethel programming needs. In no case will less than two (2) weeks notice of cancellation be given. In emergencies, alternate arrangements will be individually resolved. 

I understand that parking at Bethel is restricted during weekdays. I will contact the church office  843-723-4587 with any parking needs.

I understand my application must be received in sufficient time for approval by the Board of Trustees. The applicant /organization agrees to provide their own insurance, assume liability, and will hold Bethel UMC harmless in cases of loss or injury.

When submitted, this application will be forwarded to the Board of Trustees for approva or denial. It must be received in sufficient time for it to be considered for approval.

Trustees may approve use of facilities without payment for certain United Methodist group, Christian Youth group, disaster relief efforts, etc., when possible. Custodial fees may still apply.

  • Non-Profit Organization *
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  • Frequency of meetings *
  • Bethel Member *
  • Bethel Members and Non-Members must identify facilites they will use. *
  • Sexton fees for after hours events

    After hours events: $150 - Set up & Security / $50 - Cleaning Fee
  • Sexton fees for events during office hours

    $50 - Set up only / $50 - Cleaning fee

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