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Joining Bethel

For those having membership in another United Methodist Church or denomination: 
"Transfer of Membership" would be the means by which you would become a member of Bethel.  We would contact the church in which you have membership and ask them to send us a "Certificate of Transfer."


For those that have been baptized but never joined a church:  
You would join on "Profession of Faith."    

For those who have never been baptized or joined a church:
You would be a candidate for baptism and afterwards join on "Profession of Faith."

If you would like to become a member of Bethel, please contact Rev. John Warren at

You will be asked to fill out a
 New Member Information Form in order to process your request.


One of the most exciting ways we initiate new believers into the faith, particularly with our young people, is through Confirmation. This is a ten/twelve week process of study and exploration that invites these young people to examine closely what it means to know Jesus as their personal Savior and what a difference this will make to them for the rest of their lives. At Bethel, those who are 7th graders and above are invited to experience the confirmation process in order to determine if indeed they are ready for Christian discipleship. The journey begins in late January/early February with an orientation meeting where the young people are instructed to identify an adult Christian friend who will take this journey with them step by step. The young people and their mentors complete the confirmation journey together. Each of the confirmands will choose to be confirmed (claim for themselves that which was done on their behalf at their baptism) and whether or not to become a full and responsible member of Christ's holy church. These are not decisions to be taken lightly and it is our hope, through much prayer, that each of these young people will publicly claim the name of Christian and begin a life-changing journey that leads to life eternal.

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